My deep, deep thanks to Stevin McNamara, who produced and engineered Emergence. I was and am astounded by Stevin's intuitive sense for pulling together dozens of tracks to create an intricate tapestry that is never overbearing, yet still richly complex. Our goal has always been to support the vocals and to amplify the spirit of the chants, and he has done so beautifully! Each chant has been developed as an entity unto itself, and yet they all blend so well.

I so appreciate Stevin's respect for my input, his ease and comfort with the natural unfolding of each chant's personality and the time that it took to let each one evolve, and his constant patience. He made it so easy to let my voice simultaneously open and ground. I never had to explain to him what I wanted to offer/present with each chant — in fact, he not only expanded on my original visions many times, but also sometimes brought in a completely different approach, so that the chants became so much more than I imagined! My heartfelt gratitude to you, Stevin — this album would never be what it has become without you!

Many thanks to Ben Leinbach for his astute observations and suggestions! His input gave us a fresh perspective that led to developing some chants to a richer, fuller level.
The amazing thing about today's technology is that we could have all of these truly wonderful top musicians play on this album in local studios, send Stevin the tracks, and have him mix them, sort through the best takes and weave a magical tapestry with all the threads — no small feat! Some chants have over 50 tracks going. Each musician improvised and brought a unique flavor that changed the chant — creating a new sound, a new feel. It was so exciting to receive each new track! I am immensely grateful to each one gathered here for helping create this!
Music is what brought my beloved husband, Robert Augustus Masters, and me together. After coming across his poetry online, I contacted him to ask if he would allow me to compose music to make them songs (The 8 songs making up my CD O Breathe Us Deep blend his lyrics and my singing). He has been tremendously supportive of me and his belief in the healing power of my music has never wavered. He has unflinchingly made huge financial sacrifices to allow this CD to take form. I am astounded at his love and deep dedication to me, my music, our work, and our lives together, and am eternally grateful to have finally found my true partner in every aspect of my life