My musical roots were nurtured by my parents, Annette and Gene, who were always my greatest support.  Singing 3-part harmonies with my sisters, Marsha and Joy, developed our sensitivity to pitch and was such fun! William Trego, choir director at Princeton High School, NJ, inspired me with his passion for music as a spiritual experience.


Many people have deeply contributed to my musical growth since then, including:
“Jump Street” in Boston, “Anahata” in California, “Almost Avalon” in Virginia,
 Timmaris McDowell, Alan Kozlowski, Barbara Arnett, Paul Reisler and Julie Portman,
Beth Nielsen Chapman, Maggie Simpson, Anna ‘Sparkles’ Wolfe, Varon Thomas,
and my children: Heather, Mary Rose, Gordon and Lucas. 
And now, my deepest inspiration comes from living, writing,
and being with my beloved Robert.

Diane Bardwell
Summer 2007