Diane Bardwell Photo by Sequoia Pettengell
Photo by: Sequoia Pettengell

Diane grew up singing harmonies with her parents and sisters, learning to sense each space within the voices. Her greatest high in music still is singing within layers of perfect-pitch harmonies, surrounded by a chord made of voices…

Chanting in English is very natural to Diane. She grew up in the 1950s, chanting the Cosmic Chants written by Paramahansa Yogananda with her family. Her parents played the harmonium, sitting with Diane and her sisters in a small circle on the floor or a bed, with everyone’s voices raised together, expressing their devotion to the Divine. So now it is very natural for Diane to write her own chants in her native tongue, English, and to have them be a basic part of living and healing.

From 1997 through 2001 Diane sang and played harp in the Celtic duo Almost Avalon. From 1999 through 2003 Diane performed nationally at folk festivals and concerts with Paul Reisler, founder of Trapezoid. Diane also assisted Paul in Kid Pan Alley songwriting workshops for children. An accomplished songwriter herself, Diane has also sat in on backup vocals for such well-known songwriters as Tom Paxton, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Steve Seskin, and Gary Nicholson.

Diane’s recording career includes two albums with the band Anahata, “Journey’s Goal” and “Live at La Paloma,” as well as the soundtrack for the movie “Harmony Within.” With Timmaris McDowell, Diane recorded “For a Child’s Heart,” a collection of original non-denominational devotional songs which has been a popular children’s album for over 25 years. Diane’s lead and backup vocals shine on the award-winning “Tidal Wave of Song,” an album of songs co-written with children that was released in 2001 (see

Diane’s most recent CD prior to Emergence is O Breathe Us Deep, for which she wrote the music and her husband, author Robert Augustus Masters, wrote the lyrics. What connects the songs of this CD is not a particular style (a wide range of styles is used — from ballads to Celtic to Native American to hard-driving), but rather the poetically-articulated embracing and living of a deeper life, a life in which body, mind, emotions, and spirituality function as a naturally integrated whole. Read more »

In July 2001 Diane started composing chants (all in English) for healing and awakening. Since then she has sung and shared them in many of the groups (deep psychotherapy & spirituality workshops) she co-leads with Robert, as well as in public talks/events and chanting evenings in Canada and the United States.

In 2003 Diane became a Reiki Master, with the intention of learning a way to consciously transmit healing energy through her voice. She developed a style of energy work that incorporated both her voice and that of whomever was receiving a session from her, in fitting conjunction with the healing energies being conveyed through her hands. Read more »

In 2006 Diane began bringing her music into the psychospiritual work she and Robert share, performing her songs at the end of a day’s deep work in a group, finding that her singing and words soothed and eased the participants. Soon it became clear that when they were actively singing with her, moving sound through their bodies and minds, and at the same time letting the meaning of the words permeate them, they benefited much more; this way, the words became their own. Read more »

Out of this arose Emergence, fulfilling Diane’s dream of creating music that truly heals and awakens, music that she has again and again seen making a very significant difference in many people’s lives.

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