Integral Psychotherapy Workshop Facilitator

My Work With Diane
— Robert Augustus Masters, Ph.D.

“Diane is my wife, my beloved, my deepest friend, and my partner in all things, including the psychospiritual work we do together. What she brings to our work is a deeply compassionate, strongly grounded presence, as well as considerable skill in guiding others through their pain and obstacles into a deeper, more authentic and integrated life. Like me, she works not from behind a preset methodology, but from an intuitive sensing of what’s needed moment to moment.

When we are working together, we not only bring our individual abilities to the work that needs to be done, but also our relationship, the presence of which contributes greatly to the work being done, according to many group participants. There is no effort in this, for it’s simply a matter of us being with each other in the presence of others; we are not holding ourselves apart as an example of the far reaches of relational intimacy, but rather remain simply present in deeply connected mutuality and love for whatever work is needed.

Without Diane, I would have very likely burned out from all the work I do and feel so compellingly drawn to do. Through her, I am deepened and softened and reinforced in my commitment to being of authentic service to others. If you work with us, you may see me outfront more, but you will also see Diane right there, just as involved as I am in the work being done, contributing deeply not only through her heartful presence, but also through her insights, intuitions, and loving openness.

I am grateful, day after day, that she and I are together, and that we get to do this work together; we didn’t consciously plan it thus, but it has felt utterly natural to evolve into working together. There is no retiring from this; as long as we can function, I’m sure we’ll be doing our work, however much it evolves, with others.”

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“Robert and Diane are truly unique facilitators in creating a change in your emotional, mental, and physical states. Individually, they each bring their own awareness and loving compassion to each moment as it unfolds. Robert’s ability to filter our story while deeply listening to the underlying wounds under the surface is unlike any professional I have worked with. His intuitive movements are quick and very effective to get us out of our head and into our hearts. ??Diane’s loving voice and clear guidance allows us to trust even deeper that she has our back and gives us the reassurance to go beyond what we thought possible. Between her healing music and unconditional love, Diane opens new doors in our psyche that were previously blocked.??Together Diane and Robert create a space so profoundly safe that even the most horrible experiences we may have faced can be melted into light and love. These two are a remarkable force and can help anyone in search of better life.”

— Terry Rauh, Massage Therapist/Energy Worker, Ashland, OR