Psychospiritual Work

Deep Healing, Awakening and Integration

Diane began her healing work as a Reiki Master and energy worker. In 2005 she began assisting her husband, Robert Augustus Masters, Ph.D., in his psychotherapeutic work. Doing so quickly taught her much about the art of doing deep work with others, and she soon transitioned from assisting Robert to co-facilitating with him. Diane and Robert now operate as a team in all the work they do, working in very close conjunction — as befitting their unusually close relationship — providing exceptionally effective and efficient counsel in both psychotherapeutic and spiritual contexts to clients worldwide.

Robert and Diane occupy a unique place in the field of healing and awakening and relational work, bringing together the psychological, physical, emotional, energetic, sexual, and spiritual in an intuitive, deeply empowering integral manner.

Diane brings great heart, maturity and intuition to the therapeutic work she shares with Robert, as well as her musical gifts, helping clients access their authentic voice, plus leading her and Robert’s groups in chanting processes that ground and deepen the work already done.


  • Couples Sessions with Robert and Diane $250/hr
  • Intensives –priced per hour, generally 1 ½ – 2 hours/day, 3-5 days
  • Phone Sessions with Robert $200/hr
  • Week Long Groups – generally $1500 (room and board separate)

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Interviews with Robert and Diane Masters about Transformation Through Intimacy
– the Journey Towards Awakened Monogamy

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“Working with Diane has been one of the most deeply healing experiences of my entire life.
She holds such a tender, gentle space of lovingkindness & total acceptance for exactly where a person is at in the moment. At the same time she embodies tremendous strength & clarity, bringing divine feminine fierceness to the fore when necessary.
Through our work together, I was able to heal extremely deep, painful wounds–in places that I know I would never even have gotten to, let alone healed, without her loving support & guidance. I felt deeply supported & held by pure feminine love, healthy, motherly , divine. Most importantly, she helped me powerfully reconnect to my own inner feminine–& masculine–core, in ways I have never done before.
Diane brings a whole new dimension to the healing work she does with her husband, Robert. The whole is truly far greater than the sum of the parts.I’ve worked and studied with some of the best therapists, healers and teachers in the world, for nearly 20 years. I give Diane my absolute highest recommendation.
— Brett Butler